Learn how to build Website and earn more than ₦100,000 monthly by making websites for people. No coding involved

Live Interactive(Whatsapp) Course from Janurary 24th - 26th, 2020
by 7:00pm - 8:30pm daily

Start your Journey to financial independence.
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I want to be frank. It is very possible to earn a living like I did building websites for people and this is the best time (2020) to do it. Most importantly I became independent and self-reliance and I stopped begging my parents for money. My name is Elvis and I am a web developer (that's the title we all give ourselves).

Finishing University I had a dream to find a job in one of the oil companies and earn a lot of money, get married and live in a mansion. Life doesn't always give you what you want. I ended up being posted to Taraba for NYSC and after spending 21 days in camp. I applied for deployment and was sent to serve in Lagos. I was posted to a company that paid #5,000 every month which wasn't consistent as I only had my #19,800 alawee to fall back to. Life became a mirage for me, I hardly had enough money to feed as transportation was sucking everything up.
How do I survive in Lagos was a question that I had on my mind for days. During a certain trip to my workplace. I was handed a flyer at Cele bridge one evening on my way home. It read 'LEARN WEB DESIGN AND BE FINANCIALLY FREE'.I was skeptical about it as the fee was #58,000. Where I wan see money? But I had to make a move, I was tired of living from hand to mouth...I had to borrow money that I wasn't sure of paying back just to learn. Well, I was able to take the course, it was an Online Interactive Course( Whatsapp Course). To cut the story short, after learning and practicing what I was taught, I became better as I could design websites well after learning from a very good hand.

Now, knowing what I went through, struggling to make ends meet, It is not something I would want anyone to go through. Now as my way of giving back, I have asked Mr. Ekom to slash 92% off the fee and charge just N4,700 for the first 50 persons. He will teach you how to make a website over a period of 3 days and you will be free to ask any questions and he will answer.

I believe that apart from degrees, everyone should have tech skills because tech is the fastest growing industry in the world. Every company needs tech experts and web developers are in very high demand right now.

Register for this course and begin your journey to success and financial independence.

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'I registered for the first course with no single knowledge of WordPress and the training completely surpassed our expectations. Now I create all the website for my businesses'

ElvisInternet Marketer

' I have gotten at least 50 times the value from this training. You saved my business. I couldn't have asked for more than this.'

Ada ThomasBusiness Owner

'I have become a professional Web developer due to this training. I have made up to 40 websites till date'

Yomi OlajideWeb Developer

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